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 Children's books that I co-wrote and illustrated with my wife Jenny Steward, featuring the likes of the infamous Reggie the flying squirrel and all his other cohorts and pals; as well as my first fun filled comic that I illustrated with author Ross Kearney.
All Sunny wanted was an ice cream on a hot summer day!
Come follow Sunny and Noodle Head Ned with his ice cream truck on their funny antics; with Sunny trying to eat ice cream before it melts from the heat of his flames.
You will be sure to have a giggle or two!
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Volume 1
If you seek wild tales of adventures and encounters, then come join Reggie the Flying Squirrel on his epic travels with his solar power fan pack.

You will be entertained with the places he goes and the dilemmas he faces. You might also learn something that will stick with you forever.

This particular tale is of Reggie the Flying Squirrel traveling straight into a menacing storm high in the mountains and falling into a deep dark cave. Through his fears of being alone in the dark he encounters a most strange outrageous creature that changes his view of being scared and a great adventure begins with a new friend.
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Volume 2
Join Reggie The Flying Squirrel on his second adventure with his solar powered fan pack; introducing Lampshade Louie and his secret talent.

In this adventure Reggie finds a mysterious bottle wedged in the root of an old Laughy Taffy tree. What Reggie sees inside the old bottle starts him on a fun new path of solving riddles, learning and friendship.

Find out the exciting ending as Reggie and Lampshade Louie solve the mystery of the ship in the bottle!
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